The School of Holistic Touch offers two levels of certification, as well as Continuing Education options.  Each consecutive program builds on the previous until the student attains the highest level of Holistic Health Practitioner. Each class in the program is offered on an individual basis.  This enables our students the opportunity for flexibility as they can proceed through their massage education at their own pace.  This is also an advantage for the student who wants to only take classes for personal use as they do not need to register for a long, expensive program.  Throughout each of our programs the student will develop personally as well as professionally.




Massage Therapist (MT): 
500 hours


            Students begin with the Swedish American massage class.  Students will learn a one-hour full-body Swedish American massage routine.  Also taught are basic anatomy and physiology, massage contraindications, basics of business, and ethics.  This class prepares the student for entry level positions at many salons, spas, chiropractic and medical offices (Licensing requirements vary from city to city and between counties).


You will then progress to the advanced classes where you will learn many different massage techniques such as Deep Tissue, Sports Massage,  Acupressure and many others.  Advanced anatomy, physiology, and pathology for the massage therapist are part of this program as well.    See the Program Requirements on the following page for a complete list of classes. 


Students completing this program will be eligible to sit for the MBLEx examination.  Upon completion of the MT program our students are eligible to obtain California State Certification (go to for more information) as well as licensing throughout other US cities and states.  Our students will feel confident and competent to work in a medical clinic or spa atmosphere.






Holistic Health Practitioner (HHP): 
1000 hours


            Our HHP program is for the most serious massage therapy student.  This program will expand and reinforce the knowledge you have received as a Massage Therapist (500 hours program graduate) and consists of a variety of classes to create a well-rounded therapist.  In this portion of your education you will be given the opportunity to customize your program by choosing from our elective classes. You may choose to specialize in spa modalities or the sports/medical side of massage. By taking these advanced classes, your body of knowledge will continue to grow and intensify, assuring your later success in the workforce as a qualified and reputable massage therapist.


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