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Offering a Contract Free, State Approved massage education for the busy student.

School of Holistic Touch Inc. opened in 2005, with a mission to privode a solid knowledge base of massage therapy and bodywork in a nuturing enviornement to insure that our students have every opportunity to develope into well educated, confident, and competent massage therapists.

prenatal and infant massage therapy


Students at the School of Holistic Touch are taught by experienced, caring instructors who love sharing their knowledge with others. It is our way of sharing the joy of massage with the world. School of Holistic Touch takes pride in our reputation of offering a more hands-on learning approach. While students learn the text needed to understand anatomy, physiology, and pathology of the human body, we make certain our students give a safe, therapeutic massage. 


Swedish Massage therapy

Our programs are offered on an individual class basis.  This enables the student to take classes at their own pace (we don’t have a time limit for program completion) and offers them more flexibility to develop in the direction that they are most interested in, i.e.:  working with athletes, day spa modalities, medical clinics.  We offer our students choice and freedom.  All this done in a caring, nurturing environment. 


hospital oncology massage thrapy class field trip

           OUR STUDENTS


Our students range from people just beginning to enter the professional world to people looking for a new career – one that is hands-on, caring, giving, and rewarding.  Many of our students are here for the opportunity to develop personal self-awareness. Whether you are 18 or 80, male or female, career-minded or just want to give a friend a back rub, the School of Holistic Touch is the right choice.  Our goal is to develop knowledgeable, competent, massage therapists.


lecture classroom

           OUR CLASSES


Class size maximum limit is 12 students for our bodywork classes and 25 students for our lecture classes.  Students wanting to enroll in a class that has reached its maximum limit will be put on a waiting list and added to the class as there are openings.  A minimum of 4 students is required for a class.  In the unlikely event that a class is cancelled due to low enrollment, the students shall receive a complete refund for any money paid for the class including registration fee, or the amount paid will be applied to the next class available if the student so wishes..



We are very proud of our faculty and staff at the School of Holistic Touch.  Each one of them brings many years of professional experience in massage therapy and teaching.  They are dedicated professionals who believe that for our students’ success they must be knowledgeable in not only massage therapy techniques and anatomy, but also must understand the connection between the body, mind, and spirit. Our instructors recognize that each student is an individual with an individual learning style, therefore, they incorporate all styles of learning into their presentations.

relaxing prenatal massage therapy


Whether you're already a therapist, looking for a new career, or are interested in massage for self-health, we do not require our students to commit to a program. Our students attend classes that fit into their schedule. Simply choose which classes you're interested in, check our schedule to see when they are being offered, and have your name added to our roster. 

hands on training swedish american massage therapy



 Holistic health is a concept, in medicine, that all aspects of people's needs including: mind, body, and spirit should taken into account and seen as a whole. The eductaion our students obtain is based on this concept.

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